Privacy Policy

We handle the collection, use, and management of personal information on the Saiko Iyashi-no-Sato Nenba website (“this website”) appropriately as described below, and will strive to create a website that everyone can use with peace of mind.

What is personal information?

Personal information refers to information that can be used to identify a specific individual, such as names, telephone numbers, email addresses, and other information provided to us through this website.

Collection of personal information

In principle, we collect personal information through this website only when the user provides such information voluntarily.
When collecting personal information, we will clearly state the purpose for which the information is being collected.
Personal information will be collected only to the extent necessary to achieve its intended purpose of use.
Except as stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Ordinance, we will not collect personal information related to the user’s ideology, creed, or religious beliefs, nor personal information that may cause social discrimination.

Restrictions on the use of personal information

We will use the personal information provided by you within the scope of the purpose of use that has been clearly stated in advance.Personal information will not be provided to other parties or used for purposes other than the stated purpose of use, except as stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Ordinance.

Management of personal information

The personal information that is collected will be strictly managed by the website administrator, and appropriate measures will be taken to prevent the leakage, misappropriation, falsification, or other misuse of such information.
We will securely and promptly delete all personal information that no longer needs to be retained.

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