Enjoy the meditative process of making crafts

Savor the fresh, crisp air of nature, punctuated by occasional birdsong.
Experience needlework, pottery, painting, and incense-making in a traditional thatched-roof house.
These moments of calm absorption will become irreplaceable memories that nourish the heart.

To to Ko no Kayanuma  (0555-72-8918)

Enjoy making a sachet or neriko (kneaded incense) with your favorite scents using premium ingredients from Kyoto’s long-established incense shops.

· Make a sachet (washi paper + pre-mixed scent)

Paste the paper together, fill it with a scent, and decorate it with string.

600 yen

A. Make a sachet (Yuzen washi paper + 3 pre-mixed scents)

Paste the paper together, mix the scents and fill the sachet, then decorate it with string.

B. Make neriko (6 pieces)

Knead the ingredients with honey and roll it into tiny balls.
Warm it up to release the scent.

900 yen

· Make a sachet (cloth sachet + scent mixing)

Mix your own scent from 10 ingredients and pack it into a cloth sachet.

1,100 yen


Glass & Metal Tupai Studio   (090-2148-3315)

Experience kaleidoscope-making, metal engraving, or decorate a metal accessory.

· Make a metal engraving (miniature plaque)

Design a relief engraving on a thin copper plate.

600 yen

· Make a hammer-decorated metal strap

Decorate an oval-shaped brass plate using a hammer and nail.

900 yen

· Make a kaleidoscope

Add various objects to a kaleidoscope and enjoy the changes in color.

1,100 yen


Fujisan Silk (070-4812-4212)

Add color to your own pure white silk drawstring bag.

· Color a silk drawstring bag (small)

About 19 cm long x 13 cm wide

600 yen

· Color a silk drawstring bag (medium)

About 28 cm long x 21 cm wide

900 yen

· Color a silk drawstring bag (large)

About 31 cm long x 24 cm wide

1,100 yen


Tsuchiasobi Fuji Roman-gama (080-5024-5735)

Paint your own picture or use your favorite colors to decorate an unglazed clay relief ornament or coaster with acrylic paint.

A. Paint a coaster
B. Paint a bell

600 yen

A. Paint Mt. Fuji ornament
B. Paint a cat ornament

900 yen

A. Paint an owl figurine
B. Paint a wind chime (May through August)

1,100 yen


Chirimen-zaiku & Tsurushi-kazari (090-6141-5859)

Create a mascot by following a simple process that is easy enough for anyone.

A. Acorn strap
B. Owl strap (small)

600 yen

Owl strap (medium)

900 yen

Owl figurine

1,100 yen


*All prices include tax.

Please contact each store directly for details such as workshop capacity.

How to apply for activities

[Individual visitors]

Please call each store to make a reservation.

[Group visitors]

Please print out the application form below and send it to us by fax or email.

*Since 2019, we no longer offer rainy day-only activities.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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